Anybody looking to view NFO files easily can greatly benefit from the NFO Viewer. This application is free of cost and requires not installation or extraction thus making it really simple to use.

The NFO viewer has a number of features that allow users to view text files or even the files that contain ASCII art or files without any difficulty. The application with basic functions is very user friendly and can be loaded as a default application and also can be copied to a flash drive as well. The program has various customizable options that allow users to change background color, link colors, and fonts and even select between character wrap and work wrap.

There is a setting menu in the application that allows users to scroll, select or copy the text as per the requirement. It is compatible with different versions of Windows such as Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server/2008/7/8 and is very light in weight thus occupying little disk space. Though there is no help file, users can still find it very easy to use the application as the functions are very basic without any complicated settings. The document can even be edited and the changes can be saved. The program can be used in multiple languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Swedish etc.

About NFO Viewer

NFO Viewer is a light weight program compatible with different versions of windows that can be used to view NFO files or text files that contain ASCII art or files. This is free of cost and can be used in multiple languages. It is very user friendly with basic features like scroll, select and copy that can be used by anyone. Users can even edit and save changes in the document.

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