Deerfield NH, March 23, 2015 — New Hampshire Bath Builders ( offers beautiful and functional bath and shower remodels for New Hampshire residents.

Most bath New Hampshire remodeling contractors focus solely on function while completing a bath or shower remodeling project. Though function is important, NH Bath Builders recognize the need for design to be a priority for all bath and shower remodels. After all, the shower is a place where people can start or end their day!

A beautiful shower can make a person feel relaxed and happy every morning. One way to make an old shower more beautiful is to replace an old fiberglass bath with tile. NH Bath Builders offers a tile options package starting at $5900. Another thing to consider in shower remodels is storage for bathroom items inside the shower. “A shower with no storage or a shower head at the wrong height can leave one feeling frustrated every morning,” says bath New Hampshire owner John Comrie who completes over five bath and shower remodels each month.

For your next bath New Hampshire remodel, consider both form and function with NH Bath Builders.

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About New Hampshire Bath Builders
After remodeling hundreds of bathrooms, NH Bath Builders were challenged with the desire to offer a more streamlined approach to bathroom remodeling, from product selection and pricing, right through to remodeling and installation. The result is a bathroom remodeling process that is easy, quick and complete, with prices that are not only affordable, but also very easy to understand. Most bathroom remodels can be done in a week or less, by courteous, highly trained professionals that know how to work quickly and clean. For more information, visit