UK - Before the opening of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Nike released a new concept of football shoes which name is MAGISTA. The editor from famous online Football boots Sale store said: Each people who see this newly Nike soccer shoes at first time will feel totally surprisingly about its similar appearance with sock. That should be very interesting for each people who usually play football.

As the detailed introduction of the editor from this famous online seller, the surface of this newly Nike football boots make use of Nike's unique technology "fly knitting technology". By applying the special silk weaving, this shoe realized the highly fitting feeling like the socks. On the other hand, this shoe applies the middle height style which could help to direct wrap people¡¯s ankle. However, the Nike featuring bold color should also be the major feature of this football shoes. In addition to fluorescent yellow and pink, the logo part also makes use of the golden color.

Why this newly Nike soccer shoes not only use fly line knitting but also applies the wrap upper ankle style? The editor from Cheap Football boots , the best online seller for Cheap Soccer Cleats, said that this special designation style was inspired by the surgeon and surgical gloves. The fully glove covering on people¡¯s hands and arms can greatly increase the linkage of arm and hand. So, the closely covering of fly line fitting knitted surface of this newly Nike shoe can make feet and legs has high level linkage so that each player on the play ground will experience the most affluent forcing in the playing process.

In general, the current Adidas Football Boots 2014 could be mainly divided by the football standards such as speed, agility and ball controlling. In this case, the development and innovation of MAGISTA is derived from the Andres Iniesta Lujan from Spanish national team, Mario Gotze from the German national team who prefer to high speeding running and quickly direction changing to create offensive opportunities.

However, for faster and more intense modern football match, the ball kicking through the small gap is very important and players need to have the capability of better controlling the football in the high-speed movement. So, the soccer shoes should become the extension of the foot. In other words, it must become the part of player¡¯s body. Only in that way could play get high performance in the playing process. The new Nike football shoe MAGISTA was designated to achieve this goal.

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