Zhejiang province, China, July 01, 2014: Power cables, power cords, plugs etc play an important role in the distribution of electricity at the consumer’s end. Whether it’s a residential or a commercial building, or any other built space, one needs a power supply cord network for electricity to reach different parts of the building. Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co. Ltd. is announcing to offer power cables and power cords on an immediate basis to the wholesale dealers across the world. 

Qiaopu brand products are certified by the major compliance and certificate organizations across the world. This is the reason why their products have a wider level of acceptance among the global end-consumers. A wholesale seller can win the trust of their customers and can multiply their business prospects by selling high quality power cables and power cords and other such products. They maintain a ready stock of all products and can ship them on a timely basis. 

According to the company spokesperson, by offering high quality power cords, power cables and plugs at cheap prices, they help retail shops to enjoy significant profits. Moreover, they have a large variety of products that serve every purpose of the end-consumer. The company has over 18 years of experience in supplying a wide variety of power cabling products and they are a reliable wholesale supplier for a number of retail shops all across the world. 

Since the company offers licensed products, these products are very popular in many European countries. Manufactured in a China factory, all products undergo a rigorous testing. This is ensured that the final product is perfect and meets all technical specifications, as per the said compliance established by a licensing organization. They use high quality materials and the precise engineering guarantees product durability. 

The company allows worldwide retailers to procure products at wholesale prices. One can place an order in any desired quantity and at any time. To check all the power cabling products they have in their portfolio, one may visit the website http://www.ningbo-qiaopu.com

About Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co. Ltd.: 

Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Company is a professional producer of QIAOPU brand power cord with plug, power cable and wire, flexible cable and flexible cord, extension cord, cord set etc products. They offer high quality products at affordable wholesale prices to retailers and dealers all across the world. 

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