21, July 2015: Before starting the Action MMORPG Game, you will have to choose one of the following characters: Knight, Mage, Assassin or Hunter. All characters have their own set of skills. You can use your keyboard to launch attacks, jump and release combos.

1. Ninjas Broke My Keyboard Knight

The Dragon Knight grew up in a Dragon Valley alongside dragons, which made him an intractable and unyielding person. Since he was always eager to explore the mysterious outside world, he left the valley. Here, he will use Destruction Blast and Flame Blow to remove the obstacles he encounters on his way in order to manage to finally stand on top of the world!

Ninjas Broke My Keyboard 5

2. Ninjas Broke My Keyboard Hunter

The Hunter is worth the name of Scorpion-hearted Beauty. She has various skills to choose from when taking part in a battle and her Bloodthirst and Death Ray are strong enough to dazzle any enemy and finally get them all killed.

Ninjas Broke My Keyboard 6

3. Ninjas Broke My Keyboard Assassin

The Assassin is quite a mysterious person. He seldom speaks to people, so no one knows his origins. His only hobby is to practice Dart Skills. His Enchanted Sword and Phantom Attack scare away all the other adventurers. However, it can’t be denied that the road ahead remains tough for him, with all kinds of conspiracy revealed one by one…

Ninjas Broke My Keyboard 7

4. Ninjas Broke My Keyboard Mage

The little but strong Mage hopes nothing else but to obtain the greatest magic in the world through adventures. Being popular, witty and funny, she always manages to get helped by all sorts of heroes on her way. Throughtrials and tribulations time after time, she has finally developed her own unique skills: Demon Circle and Thunder Attack. However, a more severe test is waiting for her. Would she still be able to pass it?

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Choosing your own character, and open a fantastic adventure!

Tip: Be careful, don't break your keyboard!

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