22, July 2015: There areFire, Water, Wood, Light and Dark monsters in Ninjas Broke My Keyboard, Action MMORPG Game. Different Elements will restrict each other. If you want to survive in the land, you must learn how to control and make full use of these Elements. You will have a chance to obtain Ancient Element Scrolls, Fire Element Scrolls, Water Element Scrolls, Wood Element Scrolls and Dark Element Scrolls in this game. They are teaming with Element Magic. Players can use these Scrolls to upgrade their Anima Elements and activate one of the Anima Elements.

During the game, you may as well obtain Element Scrolls through drops in battles or by opening chestsyou encounter during battles.

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Click the “Element” icon in the interface and you can check out the current level of each Anima Element, the amount of your Element Scrolls and the corresponding Anima Element Stats boost for your character. Then click the" Upgrade” button to upgrade your Anima Element using the corresponding Element Scrolls. Each Scroll will increase the progress by 20%. Apart from thePrimitive Anima Element, all the otherfive Anima Elements can boost your Hero stats.


Click on the Activate button to activate the Anima Element and receive its Stat boost for your character, which will finally increase your Battle Rating.

Each Anima Element has its Element Restriction. For example, when you activate Light Anima Element, you can restrict your enemies who use Primitive or Dark Anima Element. But you will be restricted when your enemies use Water, Fire or Wood Anima Element. If you fight against with enemies who use the same Anima Element, you will be counterbalanced in battle.

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The higher level of the element you choose, the stronger battle rate you can get, so if you get the scrolls, please don't hesitate to apply them to the upgrading, then activate the highest element.

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