Jun 28th, 2015 — In a significant development that is bound to bring name and success, Njock Ayuk EyongPaper Mills announced that it has been given a green chit by NEMA, the environment regulator of Kenya, to commence production of maplitho grade printing and writing paper.

Announcing this to the Press, Mr. Njock Ayuk Eyong, CEO of the company said “This order applies to UNIT 4 of our plant in which we have the fourdrinier type of paper making machine that we have imported from Russia. Although the machine was in perfect working condition at the time of import into Kenya, we needed to officially comply with the local environment laws and bye-laws of Kenya, before actually commencing with the production of paper.”

Built in 1993, the machine has an automated process for releasing paper pulp onto the wire-screen for production of paper. The machine has a deckle between 1690mm to 1700mm and runs at a speed of 140m/ min. The paper gsm that can be produced on the machine varies from 50gsm to 285gsm. Finished paper can be cut up and packed in sheets or rolled up and delivered in reels.

Mr. Njock Ayuk Eyong further said “The machine is capable of producing between 8-10 metric tons of paper every day and this includes both paper and board. We plan to run the machine at 60% output for the initial 3-4 months after which we will gradually increase the output to 70%. By the end of this year we plan to achieve 75% output capability. As the machine is now about 22 years old we do not plan to run it beyond 75% output capability as that will lead to machine overload, which may lead to early wear and tear and eventual break-down.”

The company has elaborate plans to sell paper and paper based stationery products in the local market in Kenya as well to export it to neighboring countries such as Sudan, Uganda and Somalia. For this purpose the paper conversion machinery is already in place and the unit is functional.  

About us:
Njock Ayuk Eyong Paper mills is one of the oldest and most reputed paper mills of Kenya. Built mostly with Russian assistance, the paper mill uses straw and scrap paper as raw material for paper making. It currently produces maplitho grade paper and board.

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