Hand painted shoes are not strange among the public. Being elaborately pained, even a pair of ordinary basic canvas is able to display its unique character miraculously, and as to the sibbuce hand painted self-balancing scooter, have you ever seen it before?

Recently, a photo caught people’s eyes on Facebook—a man painted a picture of dazzling starry sky on his own two-wheeled self-balancing scooter with a maker pen. All of a sudden, this Airwheel self-balancing scooter turned from an ordinary one into a limited edition. This unique vehicle in this world, being super individual and super exquisite can be regarded as one piece of artwork. Riding this particular Airwheel electric unicycle, people will catch numerous eyesight wherever.

Well, it can be regarded as one kind of Itasha, which not necessarily means car but any kinds of vehicle as long as you fell in love with. Being environmentally friendly, self-balancing scooter achieves increasing attentions and trials gradually, and nowadays, it earns a great number of fans. Except for the hand painted unicycle mentioned, there are some users, who are not good at painting, decorating their vehicles with various bumper strips. Look at the following one:

This is one pure white Airwheel X8, and the green and the white bumper strip were pasted on the handles and outlines completely. On the one hand, the owner is able to personalize his scooter, making it his adorable style, and on the other hand, the vehicle body could be effectively protected from rubbing. Interestingly, bumper strip could become a brush, with which you are able to draw your particular hobbies and creativity.

Actually, how to decorate and what can be drawn do not need to annoy you. As long as you like, you can draw anything even a bowl of noodle, like the guy, showing your foodie nature.

Self-balancing scooter itself is a personal vehicle in this new era. It can drive you to anywhere casually and company you to chase sunset and dreams. As a result, come to decorate your motoring with your hobby, personality and unique ideas and make yourself the most fashionable trendsetter. Airwheel believes you can make it!

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