(Free Press Release) NO LONGER SILENT is about the perversity of human will, when gone awry. It speaks of trauma, of violence and of despair. But it also speaks of hope which can light up the darkest of times. It portrays the true qualities of a hero, one who may stumble time and again, and yet find triumph by rising up each time.

Alexandria, VA - June 16, 2011 -- "It only takes one step to change your future. For some, that step can be impossible. Tammy Gagnon flees home at 14, forced to survive on her own as she comes to terms with the horrifying truths of her violent history."

She awoke one night to find her paternal grandfather kneeling beside the bed, his hand stroking her private parts. He warned her to be quiet or risk "getting her ass whipped." That touching quickly escalated to oral s ex and other intimacies.

Tammy Gagnon was just nine year old when this molestation filled her young mind with guilt and rage. Like so many other victims of this horrendous crime, she felt the blame was hers, not the abuser‘s. Under the strict rule that "what happens in our house stays in our house" and could not be discussed even with other family members, Tammy could not fill her desperate need to share her distress.

Despite the dysfunctionality of her home life—the physical abuse of family members by her alcoholic father and the austerity of her rigid mother who cloaked very controversy with silence—Tammy‘s early childhood was relatively comfortable. She was well-behaved at home and an "A" student in school.

At age 14, as her body began to mature and her emotional needs changed, the consequences of the trauma bottled-up within her became evident. Tammy ran away from home with a carnival roust-about. The drinking she had begun a year earlier increased and her addiction to drugs began.

Over the next five years, she ran away from home repeatedly in a frantic search for a way to expunge the furies that ravaged her mind. She hungered for someone who would listen to her and give her the support and comfort she needed to overcome these memories.

Each episode ended in utter frustration as her teenage dreams were shattered by the increasing intensity of her addictions. She was raped at knife point, beaten fiercely and frequently jailed. Her suicide attempts failed. She was forced to collect aluminum cans for income and finally began to sell her body for crack. She gave birth to three daughters. Her mother raised the oldest and Tammy somehow managed to support the two younger ones.

When it was impossible to fall any lower, she began a long, slow climb back to normalcy initiated by her short-lived involvement with the church and nurtured by the one man who loved her deeply enough to sacrifice his life for her and her daughters. He was sentenced to prison for armed burglary when he turned to hold-ups of small retail businesses after a futile search for work.

At peace at last, Tammy‘s search for a wizard to wave away her inner turmoil has ended. She has learned to value herself and knows that she alone has the ability to restructure her life. "I am no longer ashamed of my past," she writes in her book No Longer Silent, "I have turned from victim to victor."

You can contact Tammy at Http://Tammygagnon.com

Tammy Gagnon
No Longer Silent
Alexandria, VA
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