Reviewers say that it is the simple design of the Free XML to PDF Converter , that helps people convert their XML files into the PDF format, is what makes it highly popular among users. This means that users need not be highly tech-savvy for understanding the features of this tool and using it. Reviewers further point out that this tool can be quite handy for the users since it supports HTML, PHP, ASP, HTM, etc. also. This again means that the app can be used for many purposes.

Reviewers continue to draw the attention of the users to the fact that this freeware is absolutely clean and therefore, there need not be any fear in their minds about malware or adware. Users can download and install the app very fast and using simple steps, say the reviewers. They assure users that this tool will not use up the resources of their devices because it is light-weight.

As soon as the Free XML to PDF is initiated, users can begin adding their XML files onto the app. Another great positive point about the tool is that it supports batch conversion and therefore, users can convert as many as a few thousand files simultaneously. Users need not worry about the quality of the output because the resultant PDF files will not have diminished in their quality. If users want to effect any changes to the output, that can also be accomplished for which they have to just make only a few clicks, say the reviewers.

Users can modify the size and margin of the pages and there are a few other parameters that can also be changed by them using this Free XML to PDF converter. In order to restrict editing by others, users can add passwords as well, reviewers say.

Reviewers point out at the auto shutdown feature of the Free XML to PDF Converter. The benefit of this feature is that once users finish converting their files, the system will automatically shut down. Reviewers conclude that this app can be of immense use to those who wish to convert their XML files into PDF format.

About The Free XML To PDF Converter

The Free XML To PDF Converter helps users to convert their XML files into PDF format. The tool has a simple design and hence, it can be used by non-technical people also. The app comes with a number of additional features.

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