The newest addition to smart phone technology is the revolutionary Nokia Lumia 925. This model has single handedly knocked many existing smart phones off its perch in the windows 8 family. This new model is a remake on the Nokia Lumia 920 with more features per square inch of technology than its previous version or any other existing smart phone for that matter. The aluminum frame is lighter with a slimmer and sleeker look.

The introduction of the aluminum frame has in no way added to its weight. As a matter of fact, the new model Lumia 925 weighs just below 139 grams which is 50 grams lighter than its earlier version Lumia 925. This model is available in three exciting colors – white, gray and black. Packed with the latest cutting edge technology, it’s seek look has turned it into an accessory to your outfit. Considering its popularity, it has triggered a lot of fake imitations. While it is always easier and cheaper to buy them online, one should be careful about buying from authentic sources. The Nokia-Lumia-925 is a site that offers all the insider information about identifying a fake imitation. The site also sells authentic Nokia Lumia 925 at a great discount.

The main factor that has resulted in the outstanding response from customers across the globe has been the high picture quality of its inbuilt camera. This is without a doubt the winning feature. Nowhere in the history has a smart phone been able to click clear pictures in low light without the aid of a flash. This has made Nokia fans go into a frenzy, trying to get their hands in the first release. Besides the high quality pictures, it also offers smarter camera functions allowing users to custom make their own images to get that picture perfect portrait. To get more information on this please go to


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