August 12th 2014 ( - The weapon of salmonella is considered to be a tiny syringe in the form of nanoscale which helps for the injection of pathogens into the molecular instincts in the form of host cells & thus leads for their manipulation & this is carried with numerous beneficiaries. The professional team of medical analyzers leads for the investigation of such protein that casts the role of metabolism of salmonella & this is considered to be essential for the proper activation of needles which leads for the replication as well as spread of salmonella, all throughout the human body.

The medical experts recommend that the summer is the time which leads for the enhancement risks causing infectious reaction. It is said that such infectious reaction is mainly caused due to the contamination of food samples & this is ought to cause diarrhea & may also lead for typhoid fever. The medical professionals have made efficient research work regarding the study of the mechanism of infectious reaction which is mainly due to Salmonella & had made the discovery of an essential protein that is retrieved from bacterial microbe known as EIIAGlc& has not role for the synthesis of the nutritive values & therein, it leads for an essential role for hosting of Salmonella.

This molecular syringe is injected into the host cells which lead for the manipulation of the synthesis of the host cells for the creation of the conditions that lead for the proper development of the bacterial microbes. This form of protein leads for a number of functionaries in the metabolism of the bacterial microbes &helps for the intake of sugar molecules & thus helps for the stabilization as well as activation of the discharge of the toxin molecules. This secretion is an important part of such protein EIIAGlc for curing of such forms of illnesses.

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