In case you are in look or the latest and the traditional German and Bavarian costumes then you can at best get in touch with Ernst Licht.

Germany, 6pm — Ernst Licht is the trusted German company where you can trace the best variety in German clothing, attires, accessories and jewelleries. The collection is rare and you find some of the best materials and fashions at display. You can take a look at the collection of the embroidered and screen printed shirts. Screen printing is something special and rare to be seen. With the sort of fashion you can cause an enhancement in your personality.

The embroidered German screen printed shirts at Ernst Licht are really exceptional. The garments are available in the most competitive price range and the standard in variety and quality is sure to amaze you at the best. The screen printed shirts are available in all common and uncommon sizes. The charm and appeal of the shirts are really wonderful. The embroidered portions are sure to appear so elegant. You can even decide to gift the shirt on occasions and in case you have some extra style demands you can always make the company know in advance.

Ernst Licht is the trusted Bavarian Costume company. Here you can find the exceptional Bavarian variety and no compromise is made regarding the make and fashion of the clothes. Here you even see the perfect array of Bavarian female clothes, attires and accessories. The designing style and the concept of embroidery has been borrowed from the Alpine and Bavarian regions of Germany and you even find the stupendous collection of the Oktoberfest garments of all sorts. The style of the Bavarian costume and attires is just wonderful and exceptional. You would love the way things and items are being specified as Bavarian.

About the Company — Ernst Licht has always made a mark with the introduction of the range of the Bavarian costume and suites. The company presents with the unique range for women and you even have the conventional Bavarian dirndl dresses. There are more Bavarian styles and fashion at display at the store and you have more to pick up from the collection like the Oktoberfest suites and you can really sense the difference once you wear the garments. You even have the best range of children’s bundhosen and the Bavarian style persists in each and all items.

Contact Details
Contact Person — Ernst Licht Embroidery and Imports, Inc.
Street Name — 347 Main Street Oley
Address — Ernst Licht Embroidery and Imports, Inc. 347 Main Street Oley, Pennsylvania 19547, U.S.A.
Telephone — 1-610-987-9496
Email ID — [email protected]
The office remains open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm and especially for Saturday the timing is 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.