USA - We all pay cable bills every month, and depending on which list we are subscribed to, we can end up paying at least $120 a month. The amount increases if at all we wish to watch channels on HD Quality. This is where HD Antennas from come into picture. These antennas are designed to reduce the burden of monthly cable bills for customers. Viewers can choose to install either outdoor or indoor antennas, depending on their location, need and space available. It is mainly the location which determines the kind of antenna to be fixed.

There is a good range of outdoor antennas that is available at The most popular model, which can be used outdoors or in the attic, is the LAVA HD2805 Ultra G3 Outdoor HDTV UHF/VHF Antenna. This antenna is pre assembled, so installation is very easy. With this antenna, viewers can easily receive 30-50 channels, all in HD quality. It can support up to 8 TVs and is remote controlled for easy access and operation, and the remote control can be operated at a distance of up to 250 feet as well. A testimonial from Isaac, a satisfied customer from Canada, reads: “Greetings. Thanks for the fast shipping. I installed the antenna on a mount mast in my attic and I am getting a great signal. I will be ordering some for friends and family soon!”

There are other outdoor models that are also available, like the LAVA HD8008 Omni-Directional Amplified Outdoor HDTV Antenna and the LAVA HD2605 Ultra G3 Motorized Outdoor HDTV UHF/VHF Antenna. The second model is best in class for its range capacity, since it can turn a full 360 degrees with the help of an infrared remote control.

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About is a leading provider of HDTV antennas all across America. Viewers can take advantage of their HDTV Antenna and watch all their favorite channels in the best HDTV quality without having to spend any money, like they spend on cable bills. Users can choose between indoor and outdoor antennas based on their location and need.

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