Shanghai — The fogless and elegant mirror heater helps in obtaining a better living and easy lifestyle. NRG through its website offers them to the clients so that they can avail pleasant bathroom mirrors and not face any problem like wiping off the condensed stream. The mirror will always be dried up even if the bathroom is full of fog because it is backed up by the mirror demister pads. The silver coloured coating layers present at the back of the mirrors are safeguarded from bathroom’s moisture and so the layers do not rust. The life span of mirror defogger is 3 times more as compared to the normal mirrors. Nowadays, there is more demand of antique-look mirrors, and the Shanghai based mirror supplier has a wide collection of such mirrors.

According to the website, hotels can use mirror heaters because of its several benefits. Foremost, they can have an excellent safety feature. As the pads of mirror heaters have the adhesive glue, the heating pad remains glue to the back of the mirror after it is effectively installed. A mirror demister pad does not hurt the clients even when they get damaged as the sharp chips get glue on the pads of the mirrors. The mirror heaters are of various shapes like oval, round, square and rectangular, providing a crystal clear image to the user. There is no limitation of the size of such mirrors and they help in building a hotel’s reputation.

The website talks about the quality certificates held by NRG, the warranty it provides and the delivery time. NRG offers a 5 year warranty from the purchased date so that one can obtain free service from the company if any problem arises. The mirror heaters of NRG are complied with the international standards such as UL, ROSH, IP54 and CE. The company makes sure that the orders are shipped within a week from the confirmation date. The warranty and other details can be availed by checking the company’s website:

About NRG

The company has been supplying different kinds of mirrors to various five star hotels since 12 years worldwide. The innovation of such mirrors have helped many hotels please their clients by eradicating the issue of fog accumulation and offering them relaxed, comfortable and hassle-free stay.

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