A new review of the NuCig electronic cigarette is now available online. The review covers all the pertinent aspects of the NuCig products , including starter kits, rechargers, cartomizers, accessories and overall performance and price. The review is currently published on the E-CIG HUB, a web resource that features dozens of reviews on other electronic cigarette products .

The Nu Cig electronic cigarette is designed to be a totally different alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarette. The NuCig e-cig is roughly the same size, shape and color of a traditional tobacco cigarette, but instead of tobacco the e-cig consists of a battery, heating element and flavor liquid all inside a cartomizer. When the smoker draws in on the end of the cartomizer, the heating element turns the flavor liquid into water vapor which is then drawn into the lungs.

The NuCig is designed for those who want a safe alternative to smoking tobacco products. Because the nicotine levels of the flavor liquid can be purchased in higher or lower amounts, the NuCig also allows those who wish to eventually quit smoking a way to gradually dial down the nicotine levels at their own pace.

The review on the NuCig covers the starter kits, flavor liquids, accessories, performance and price of the product. The review is designed to provide full information about what the NuCig offers so that readers can make the best informed decision about whether to purchase this product. For more information about the new NUCIG electronic cigarette review , visit E-CIG HUB.

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