CHINA - Yueqing Nuoda Co., Ltd is a reputed company engaged in the business of manufacture and distribution of strapping tools worldwide. The company was founded in the year 1990, and its key operations are based in China. The company focuses on producing quality based strapping tools. It constantly takes initiative in innovating the key production techniques for manufacturing industrial tools.

As stated by the company owner, ¡°As a leading manufacturer in China, Nuoda has 25 years experience in machinery, with Strapping tool production ability 100,000 sets per year¡±. The company has recently expanded strapping tool production covering all major wholesalers and distributors across China, thus becoming the largest supplier.

"The tools are now covering pneumatic steel strapping tool equal to KOGYO in Japan, manual seal less banding tool strapping tool to FROMM pack, manual plastic strapping tool, pneumatic plastic strapping tool and battery operated plastic strapping tool to ORGAPACK", adds the company spokesman.

Nuoda manufactures three different product categories, namely, Steel strapping tools, hand tool for strap and PET/PP strapping tools. Manual strapping machine, combination pneumatic tools, and split pneumatic tools become part of steel strapping tools. The hand tools comprise strapping tensioner, strapping sealer and other accessories. Apart from this, the PET/PP banding tool list includes those which are manually operated, pneumatic operated and battery operated as well.

The application for each of the banding machine tool products manufactured by the company varies. The hand manual tools can be utilized for quick packaging of plastics or other pallets in a cost effective manner. On the other hand, to enable durability and uninterrupted working hours, it is wise to use hand tools powered by battery.

The company website features some of the top category products such as KZS-40/32 Pneumatic Steel Strap sealer, HP-35 manual Sealless Steel strapping tool, DD16-2 battery operated strapping tool, A333 manual Sealless steel strapping tools, RJ25 pneumatic strapping sealer, XQD-19 pneumatic PET/PP strapping tool, and many more. A detailed description of each of the product features is given on the website. It is possible for customers to request for a quote online. As part of this, customers need to fill out an online application form by entering details such as company name, contact person, telephone, address and email Id.

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Yueqing Nuoda Co., Ltd is one of the reputed companies engaged in the manufacture and battery strapping tool distribution of industrial strapping tools to customers worldwide. Located in China, the company came into existence in the year 1990. The company produces high quality strapping tools by utilizing highly innovative production techniques.

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