An organization working for social change is only as effective as the team members that support it. Nuru International, leaders in the fight to end poverty in Kenya and Ethiopia, is proud to have Aerie Changala as Director of International Operations.

An organization is only as strong as the team that supports it, and a company working to make a difference is only as powerful as the difference makers behind the scenes. A world leader in developing effective social change and researching what causes poverty, as outlined at , Nuru International is thrilled to have Aerie Changala serve as Director of International Operations.

Aerie has a unique international perspective that he brings to his position at Nuru International. Having lived much of his life in Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe, Aerie is fluent in seven languages. Aerie joined the team in 2008 as a Team Leader and Program Manager, following an impressive education in international studies and service in the Peace Corps. Now leaving International Operations, Aerie is part of Nuru’s model of social innovation, described at , in which the organization identifies local community leaders in the countries they serve, helping these motivated individuals develop the teambuilding skills, leadership expertise, and critical thinking tools to address their society's most pressing needs.

To successfully fight extreme poverty, as found at , Nuru International has the innovative programs, years of experience, and dynamic leaders, like Aerie Changala, to make a lasting difference in the lives of the people in Kenya and Ethiopia, one neighborhood at a time.

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Founded by former Marine Jake Harriman, Nuru International creates innovative programs for social change in Kenya and Ethiopia. The California-based company fights poverty through their core model of identifying and guiding local leaders as they motivate their communities to make a difference.

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