China - Sales and deals are rolling on high swing for dealers asthe automotive business is quite strong in China. The new 2015 Pinarello Dogma has been recently added to the inventory of OEM-Carbon. The reigning champion of the bike race will roll off soon. The curvaceous Italian machine, with a blend of handmade alterations and professional polish, has got some appealing aerodynamic flair.

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Truncated aerofoil tubing, internal cable routing, and integrated seat-post clamp have raised the level over previous model. Though majority of parts are showroom-level features, there are custom built elements too.

Considering functionality to be of top priority, the new 2015 Pinarello Dogma F8 deals with the legal limit of 6.8kg!Stages handle the power-meter duties, while the single-crank doubles the number for every single power.

Describing about the new Pinarello, the web marketing manager of OEM Carbon was quoted as saying — “F8, in its 8th incarnation, has used Jaguar’s sophisticated fluid dynamic expertise. Special bikes designed by Jaguar team made use of their aerodynamic knowledge and skills on bikes outside of automotive industry. F8 represents eighth and faster version of Dogma in the modern design, which integrates unmatched dynamic performance, favored by bikers.”

OEM Carbon is offering custom built bikes to its customers; according to the company, Pinarello is faster and more effective over its rival models, improving the stiffness and weight from the previous model. The bike has been designed to be used on all kinds of roads, which does not depend on terrain or rider.

OEM Carbon is known for offering best road bikes and this time, it has come up with fast, aero bike named Pinarello Dogma F8.

Though Dogma models have bagged 65 victories at UCI, they were closely losing out the innovativeand more sophisticated contenders. However, this time Pinarello has joined hands with Jaguar to design a stunning bike.

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