YINGZHOU NINGBO — Most people, even as children, would have come across magnets in www.neodymium-magnete.com one form or the other. Many toys carry magnets as an integral feature and would have made thousands of kids of all classes gasp in awe and wonderment at the seemingly magical qualities of the substance. Magnets and magnetism then gradually getting more serious must have given sleepless nights to less scientifically inclined school children with their physics lessons and assignments filled with the subject. Magnet has its etymological origins in Greek and means Magnesian stone. It is an object that produces a remarkable force called the magnetic field which is invisible but the presence of which can be felt unmistakably. This force of the magnet that gives it the power to pull on other magnetic substances and to attract or repel other magnets is its most significant property.

Magnets can be permanent magnets or electro magnets. Permanent magnets are made from materials that are magnetized and create their own magnetic fields. A most common example of this is the one we see used for sticking notes on refrigerators. An Electro Magnet is a coil of wire that gets magnetized by the passage of electric current through it. The overall strength of the magnet is measured by what is known as magnet moment or the magnetic flux it produces.

Magnets play a very important role in modern daily life as it is a vital part in almost all household appliances .From the Rare Earth Magnets Supplier magnetic strip on the ATM cards that store all our banking data, to the TV and computer monitor that contains the CRT carrying an electro magnet that directs the electron to the screen, the part the humble magnet plays to make our lives that more comfortable is, to say the least, commendable. The toys that delight millions of children through awe inspiring feats like levitation carry various kinds of permanent or electro magnets in them. Among the currently commonest types of rare earth magnets, the most popular are magnets made from an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron and are termed Neodymium Magnets. Developed in 1982, jointly by General Motors and Sumitomo Special Metals, this type of magnet is currently the most economically viable with its intense magnetic field and the convenient size it comes in for the purpose it is manufactured.

Based in one of the most developed industrial hubs of China, E&H Magnetic Co.Ltd are leaders specializing in the manufacture, development, research, and application of neodymium ¨Ciron- boron magnets. The company manufactures all kinds of magnets for motors and generators as also permanent magnets including Sm-Co magnets, AL-Ni-Co, hard ferrite magnets. The company has a strong global presence and industry sources see the company¡¯s market share as impressive.

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Established in 2005, E&H Magnetic Co Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and developer Customerized shape magnets of permanent and electro magnets for specialized industrial applications. The company manufactures neodymium iron boron magnets and special magnets for generators and motors. The company, assisted by a team of experienced professional staff has been able to provide effective service to customers worldwide.

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