Every woman appreciates jewelry, so if you want to really impress a special person in your life — your wife, your mom, your daughter, a special friend etc. — offer them a timeless piece of jewelry. You don’t have to pay lots of money for a quality jewel; silver necklaces and silver bracelets are inexpensive and yet they look astonishing.
Silver has always been a popular jewelry choice thanks to its bright shine and cheap price. Silver is less expensive than gold, so people can afford to buy silver jewelry no matter how small their budgets are. In the last decade, silver has grown in popularity in the fashion world. Thousands of new collections of silver necklaces, silver earrings, silver brooches or silver bracelets are released every year. This precious metal is flexible and can be modeled into pretty much any shape imaginable, so it’s a great material for fantasy or custom jewelry. The jewelry market presents a plethora of silver jewels, from simple and elegant models to lavish and intriguing designs. You’ll definitely fall in love with the new 2014 collections.
Jewelry is meant to enhance a person’s beauty, to compliment a woman’s figure and make her shine. Silver necklaces and silver bracelets are not just decorative objects; they can make fashion statements and they express personality. Therefore, when you pick a jewelry item, you have to make sure that it is representative for the person who will wear the jewelry. A creative piece of jewelry will go well with persons who have a youthful personality, while for seniors you can pick something elegant and simple. If you really have no clue what to buy, just pick an elegant and classy pendant, or a refined bracelet. Perhaps you could consider a design that incorporates gemstones- women of all ages love gemstone jewelry. You have lots of models to choose from, so it won’t be difficult to find something suitable for the person you have in mind. Designers always strive to create various models so as to suit everyone’s tastes.
Sterling silver jewelry is very versatile and can go well with any outfit; basically, it is suitable for any occasion. However, it does need a little maintenance. In time, sterling silver can tarnish, so it must be cleaned every once in a while to retain its shine and beauty. The good news is that silver can be cleaned very easily with warm water and dish soap, or with toothpaste. Use a soft cloth to polish the jewelry. It’s good to know these things when buying sterling silver items.

When purchasing silver necklaces and silver bracelets, you must pay attention to buy only from authorized jewelry manufacturers. Laws clearly state that all precious metal jewelry must be stamped according to its quality. 925 is the universal stamp for sterling silver jewelry and shows that the jewelry is made with 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloy. Make sure that the suppliers you buy the jewelry from offer warranty certificates for each of the items purchased. That will ensure you’ve made a valuable investment.
Have no idea what gift to offer your loved one? Take a look at these delightful silver necklaces and silver bracelets — you’ll definitely find something to your like.