The United Kingdom, December 17, 2013: Efficient communication with clients and prospective customers as well as subsequent support are essential to develop impressive image for any enterprise. While large companies usually have dedicated receptionist or a team for attending calls, small firms may not find it feasible to employ even one person for the task. Outsourced telephone answering services are meant exactly for such companies. Office Answers has team of professionals to provide telephone answering service to clients. The service provider caters to the calling reception requirement of only small businesses to ensure efficiency in its service and subsequent enhancement of image of the client business in the industry. 

Office Answers hires people who have pleasing voice and can convey the message professionally. None of the receptionists have regional accent. The receptionist answer calls on behalf of clients with names of their respective companies. Brief detail about the nature of client-business and name of people working in it are required by the service provider. The receptionists jot down details of the call and send it immediately to clients via email or text messages, as preferred by clients. Charges for telephone answering service have been planned to suite small offices and business. £25 for set-up and £20 for subscription are the only considerable amount. In addition to those, 85 pence per minute of receptionist time and 10 pence for each text messages are charged by Office Answers. 

Office Answers has gradually limited its telephone answering services for small businesses. Earlier, its service was common and open to companies in any industry and of any size. However, there has been strategic reformation in the business and the service provider found working with small firms to be most feasible for both. It has numerous clients but most of them have 5 or less than 5 people working in the office. Clients and prospective customers of such small companies usually know that they operate on weekdays and remain closed on weekends. So, Office Answers has accordingly planned to provide telephone answering service at office hours from 8:30 in the morning to 6 in the evening. However, requests for handling calls out of office hours are also entertained for additional monthly charge of £7.50. Callers’ message are stored and sent to clients as WAV file attachments through email. 

Office Answers requires 24 hours to set-up an account for a new client. A test call is conducted to verify the configuration to be complete and live. The service provider charges separately for set-up to offer lower subscription so that long-term subscribers are not seemingly penalised for free configuration. Offices that have an operational telephone can use their existing number too. Apart from this, Office Answers offers telephone lines at much lower subscription charges as well. 

About Office Answers 


Office Answers is run by a family in the United Kingdom. The small family business was started in 2005 and steadily improved its service and plans through the period. Clare and Ian are the head of the company who speak to prospective customers themselves.