Los Angeles, CA; 05, August 2015: Marines are known for beingprotective and expertly trained todefendthe country, andtwo Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton have expanded that circle ofdefenseby designing a new App that helpskeep children safe and families connected.

Operation Get Out

OGO, or Operation Get Out, is a mobile app that runs on a cell phone. Unlike bulky security devices that can easily be forgotten or identification jewelry that may or may not be worn, OGO functions on a device that few people are likely to forget — their phones.

The technology and idea is based on the Amber Alert system, which uses cell phones as a way of locating and protecting children. Marines Mason Mangum and Blake Altman developed the idea with hopes of eradicating child trafficking once and for all. The color-coded alert buttons on the app are easy for kids to use and works in almost any situation or reception area. With a simple touch, kids can alert their parents immediately if they are in danger, or simply want to share their current location.

“We kept hearing about children being kidnapped, hurt and even killed. We are family men, anddecided it was time to do something about it,” said Blake Altman, one of the founders. “We believe OGO is a product that will protect children and give families peace of mind.”

The two Marines came up with the app idea and paid for the initial patents, but the complex coding needed to make the application work efficiently will be handed to the expert programmers at Appster. To cover for this expense, they have started a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo with a goal of raising $100,000. The project has already attracted backers who see this as a “must have” app for families with kids.

“We are trying to raise enough money to deliver an affordable product that offers the best features, dependability and accuracy possible,” said Mason Mangum, the other founder of OGO. “Our goal is to save lives, we really do want to do something good here.”

OGO will be a reality with financial backing, so like many who want to do something for the greater good, Mason Mangum and Blake Altman have turned to the Indiegogo crowdfunding site for investors. Here, anyone who has an interest in helping children stay safe can donate as little as one dollar, and up to several thousand.

“Every little bit we raise means a chance that a family will not have to worry about the safety and location of their children,” said Mangum.

Learn more at their Indiegogo site.

About OGO:

The founders of OGO believe we own our tomorrow because we are creating it today. Everything that we say, think and do will always have a direct impact on what we want our tomorrow to be. They faithfully believe that there is more good in this world then there is bad. OGO wants to encourage everyone to follow their dreams and help us create a better tomorrow here in America and all over the World.

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