12, December 2014: The Anchor Pendant Buoy App, which comes with a modern and simple 3D interface, is just one useful application from a series of Animated Marine Calculation Apps for the professional and recreational mariner. An Anchor Pendant Buoy is connected by the means of a pennant wire, which is the common method used in the marine industry for “tripping,” (breaking free from seabed,) and raising the anchor. Pendant buoys can be free-running or connected directly to the wire and are constructed to different shape forms. 

Anchor Pendant Buoy

A SeaCalcs spokesman said that the application input measurements include length of buoy, diameter of buoy, volume of buoy, thickness of buoy material, density of buoy material, weight of buoy in air, relative density in water, gross buoyancy, net buoyancy, length of pennant wire, and safety margin. He added: “The animated 3D software has been designed to calculate the gross and reserve buoyancy with or without additional load in US Standard and Metric calculations, with all of the SeaCalcs approved formulas located on the “high to use” page, included in the application download.” 

The official app video seen on Youtube clearly demonstrates how to load in the correct measurements, with estimated buoyancy results seen through animated 3d images. Under the video it says that requirements for SeaCalcs Anchor Pendant Buoy App are Mobile and tablets Android with OS 4.x or higher. One important feature also mentioned is that an internet connection is not required for measurement and calculation operations on the ground. 

Visit SeaCalcs website to find information about all available animated marine calculation apps and to get download instructions for the Anchor Pendant Buoy App: http://seacalcs.com/apps.html SeaCalcs marine measurement applications are all listed on the Google and Apple App Stores. 

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