It primarily focuses on how crucial it is for an enterprise to frame a professional and user-friendly portrait in the minds of each and every particular caller. Both mid-size and large companies could take benefit at large, because they can afford perfectly customized systems as per their requirements, which ultimately maximize productivity thereby contributing in the growth of a particular enterprise. In contrast, small enterprises would have to get affordable packages from their phone company. Our major motto lies in attaining general perquisites as in answering EVERY call up to mark which can otherwise lead to miscommunication of messages. We prioritize on redirecting the doctor’s call live back to the patient. Doctors and their staff are authorized to make instant modifications to on-call schedules with FLAT rate of only $65 per month, no matter on how many calls we handle. We provide you with quality customer service of your dream.

We try our best possible level to overcome some common problems faced with normal answering services, like most of the doctors are more or less frustrated with their answering service, but every time they try to handle them, things only get better for a short while, so by default they have developed a mindset that it’s just something they have to ultimately deal with… We emphasize on removing the most common frustrations that are usually heard by callers as in; Calling the wrong doctor or about the wrong things  or forget to call the doctor; Incorrect messages or phone numbers delivered; Unexpected long hold times for patients and doctors. We are Eveready with all our expert on-call physicians who will hear all your precious messages word-by -word in most user friendly and effective manner. If at all there is no response to an emergency call done by any of our customers, our service will get dispatched to multiple backup numbers. Our service permits our entire on-call physician team to personally take care of their patients in need.

About Us

At No More Phone Tag, we give effort with all our heart and soul in making our precious callers happy, thereby giving equal weightage to their each & every particular call, hence not letting them tagged or interrupted while communicating with them, because we thoroughly understand the value of all our callers.For more, please visit our website at