XOOM Energy, through its XOOM Energy Ohio subsidiary, is enabling consumers throughout Ohio, including Columbus, Toledo and Springfield, to take control of their energy costs. This summer XOOM Energy, one of the leading deregulated energy companies in the US, is offering Ohio residents a chance to lower energy costs. With XOOM’s special offers, customers can receive a guaranteed introductory rate when then enroll. Putting money back in the pockets of working families with competitive low rates is the backbone of XOOM Energy’s success. 

XOOM Energy offers a fixed and variable rate plan, allowing families to choose what plan best fits their budget. With the variable-rate SimpleFlex plan, customers receive a plan with no long-term commitment or cost recovery fee and the ability to upgrade their plan at any time. 

Customers in Ohio natural gas markets may also choose to enroll on XOOM Energy’s fixed SureLock 12 plan giving them the ability to lock in a low rate for 12 months regardless of what happens in the energy markets. Many families love the stability of knowing that the low rate and bills they receive will not change for a year even if energy costs in Ohio rise. 

XOOM Energy believes in the freedom of choice for our customers. Ohio residents have a unique opportunity to see what XOOM Energy can offer with our current low rates. 

Before the winter months come and natural gas prices begin to change, enjoy the security of knowing you have an honest, low, competitive rate that will keep your bills predictable and low. 

Whether you pick a variable rate plan or a fixed rate plan, the choice is yours — that’s what deregulation is all about. Browse our plans and enroll right online — it’s both quick and easy. If you have a natural gas account with Columbia of Ohio, Dominion East of Ohio, Duke Energy or Vectren Energy Delivery, join the thousands of others who are taking control today. 

XOOM Energy, like you, believes that personal choice helps us all win. 

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