22, August 2015: Old School New Body is a training program specifically designed to meet the physical needs and requirements of men and women over 40 years of age to help them trim and reshape their bodies. Even those who are younger than the mentioned age bracket can also benefit from this program for it is precisely for everyone. As a youth enhancing program, the Old School New Body has generated lots of satisfied users for it helps them regain strength and vitality in a matter of weeks.

Old School New Body focuses on using dietary and metabolic system and building the muscle mass behind any human body, which will lead to larger muscles, weight loss, and overall younger feel and look. This system doesn’t need those low fat diets, which most of the diet programs require. It is a fact that less fat will deprive the human body of the essential ability to efficiently synthesize hormones, which help in making workouts more effective.

Panting after climbing the stairs? This declares that the body is already unfit and requires lots of help. The human body, right after 40, accelerates the aging process, and this is a fact. Aging can make people become helpless and distressed. And strict diet program and rigorous exercises can lead to a failing result over time, leaving people more helpless and anxious. All efforts will go worthless if proper instructions and methodologies are lacking. Fortunately, Old School New Body, as an excellent training system, uses only cardiovascular exercises, which can tone the body and burn fat immediately and efficiently. It has three different phases which focus mainly on weight loss, sculpting and shaping the body through changes in the diet, and using modern techniques in lifting weights, and finally, building powerful muscles.

Old School New Body, an F4X workout system, which chalks out exercise programs is condensed book that is bound to offer convenient and efficient training system that is highly beneficial to people. This doesn’t just offer directions and solutions that help in reshaping one’s body, but it also helps in rejuvenating and making it younger looking. The book being designed by an expert and professional in the fitness field, Becky Holman and Steve Holman, is dedicated in helping people, especially those of 40 years and over to have a very active lifestyle that will eventually help them in living a healthy and better quality of life. However, the book is not just entirely for men over 40, but it is also effective regardless of age. As long as the methodologies and techniques are being taken into complete consideration, a positive outcome will be achieved.

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