OLHO SmartReader is a Kickstarter project that focuses on a phone holder and an app meant to improve the experience of reading texts through smartphone magnifying options.

January 27, 2017: OLHO SmartReader is a Kickstarter project and a crowdfunding campaign that has been developed by Bastian, the founder of BNO Technology Solutions. Bastian had been visually handicapped since his birth. He has been using mobile phones with cameras since early 2000s to move from one place to another and carry out day to day work. The cameras that are used in smartphones nowadays have improved greatly since their earlier versions and now there are also a number of top notch magnifying apps as well that can help in effective reading of texts.

For quite a while, he has also been using proprietary solutions presented by medical aid companies for reading content from books, magazines and newspapers. This was so because using the smartphone for the purpose of reading long texts was somewhat inconvenient. It was this that propelled Bastian to come up with OLHO SmartReader, a readingaid gadget that he developed with his father.

The purpose of the OLHO SmartReader is to keep the phone at an appropriate distance from the content so that the user can read the text without actually needing to hold the phone at all times. This led Bastian and his father to come up with a phone holder that would help in holding the phone efficiently and assist in proper reading experience. The gadget also comes with a dedicated app that is now available for download from the Apple iTunes App Store. The project is now seeking funding to meet the pledged €4,000 goal.

About OLHO SmartReader
OLHO SmartReader is a Kickstarter project that has been developed with the sole aim to help users read texts through their smartphones without holding the devices.

To know more about OLHO SmartReader, visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bnotech/olho-smartreader-the-reading-aid-for-the-21st-cent?ref=3ap32i

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