Newport Beach, CA - Recently, Olympic gold medalist Krisztina Fazekas Zur and her husband Rami Zur chose to store their baby's cord blood by utilizing the services offered by CarePilot, a leading southern California healthcare facilitator. 2012 Olympic gold medalist Krisztina Fazekas Zur knew that she wanted to store her baby's cord blood almost as soon as she and her husband, Rami Zur, himself a three-time Olympian, learned they were expecting a baby. "I knew that it was important to have the cord blood stored in case there was ever a need for it," she says. However, when it came to choosing a cord blood storage facility, the couple were not as certain who to trust with this incredibly important task.

When they heard about CarePilot, a company that offers access to top-quality cord blood banking services throughout the nation through their partnership with Cord for Life, they decided to explore their options. The couple soon learned that they could store their baby's cord blood easily and affordably with the help of this company. Since they both live in Newport Beach and train at the Newport Aquatic Center, as well as planning to deliver the baby at Hoag Hospital, they wanted a company that would work with them locally and this seemed to be an ideal solution.

The Zurs were so pleased with their experience in banking their baby's cord blood with the help of CarePilot that they have now agreed to be part of a television commercial and video discussing the way the company handled this important job. According to Krisztina, "As new parents, we want to prepare the best we can to protect our baby's future. CarePilot and Cord for Life understand the importance of the commitment to excellence."

Stem cells have the potential to save the life of a baby or another family member in the future with a life-saving transplant. Cord blood is rich in stem cells, and offers the opportunity to store these precious and important cells before they are needed. Stem cells may be used in the future to treat Type 1 diabetes, cerebral palsy, spinal or brain injuries and other types of injury through transplant.

The Zurs understand the importance of storing these cells. "Whatever happens, we want our baby to have every opportunity to be treated with the latest medical technology and advances," notes Rami. "Storing cord blood is the simplest way to ensure that our baby will have access to these important cells in the future, and CarePilot helped us achieve that goal simply and affordably."

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CarePilot, located on the web at , offers families access to affordable options in cord blood storage through their partnership with Cord for Life. CarePilot is dedicated to helping every family achieve the goal of storing infant cord blood for possible future use.

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