18, July 2015: Do you know May 19 is China’s National Tourism Day? In 2011, the State Council approved to establish National Tourism Day, which is the official non-statutory holiday. However, on May 19, people are busy with working. With no holiday and no weekend, no one will pay attention to this National Tourism Day.

Even if National Tourism Day is a holiday, people will not travel to scenic spots with crowds of people. No one can really enjoy the scene in the crowds. Instead, you can change a way to relax and enjoy a different National Tourism day with a unique vehicle. Airwheel one-wheeled electric scooter can take you to visit and enjoy the beautiful scenery as your wishes at any time.


In the early summer day, it is not dark after work which is a great period to enjoy life. Ride Airwheel electric self-balancing unicycle with several friends to travel on the street against the sunset, smell the flowers in the park and listen to the sounds of birds. Enjoy the summer afternoon which will be the sweet memory in the future.

Airwheel one-wheel scooter is the smart and intelligent unicycle. It is inserted the most advanced intelligent chip which is applied with fuzzy algorithm and gyroscope system to realize self balance. What the rider needs is to change gesture to operate the intelligent unicycle. The aim of high-tech product is to create a more convenient and swift life without any difficulty in operation.

The intelligent chip helps riders to learn how to operate Airwheel self-balancing unicycle easily with the security assurance. The safety of vehicles is so important that only enough security assurance can protect the users. Therefore the intelligent chip provides speed-limit protection to keep the speed in a rational range in case of accidents caused by high speed.


Enjoy the festival no matter it is on holiday or not, enjoy the nature no matter it is at weekend or not. With Airwheel electric unicycle, everything on the road will be the beautiful scenery and every moment of riding will be a sweet journey. Are you attracted by the beautiful scenery on the road? If so, just ride Airwheel electric scooter at once.

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