United States — Every people around the world should know the www.gooddeal-shop.com name of Michel Jordan who is the history greatest basketball player. During the past days, there is news for this greatest super star. According to the report from editor from www gooddeal-shop.com ,the best online suppler for Cheap MLB Jerseys, the famous NFL team Joliet Slammers has invited the famous Michael Jordan join their team to restart baseball career during celebrations of the 50th birthday of this greatest Basketball player. Maybe some people do not know that Jordan was very specialized in baseball and he also taken part in some match in USA before his career in NBA.

Slammers manager whose name is Chris Franklin has announce that they will provide a one-year contract for Michel Jordan so as to let his have a good chance to wear baseball uniforms again. This should be the interesting news for both basketball fans and baseball fans.

Franklin said:” If Jordan had joined the Major League Baseball in 1994, who knows how Wholesale woman jerseys his history would be written. For Jordan and all basketball fans of him all over the world, this is a good thing. However, we want to give Jordan the opportunity to participate in the professional baseball game and this is also a most special way for us to pay tribute to him.”

The special tribute to Jordon which Franklin had said refers to that the team would retire the No. 45 jersey which is the number of the MLB jersey that Michael Jordan had played for the Chicago White Sox team.

The editor from the best online seller gooddeal-shop.com for Cheap MLB Jerseys has also provided with people the details of this contract for Jordon. The detail is that the maximum monthly salary is 1,600 dollars, 20 dollars a day for meals and 22 seats box in each match which also provide hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta salad, cookies, coda and other food and drink during the game

However, this reentering chance would be provided for Jordon at next year¡¯s summer. That is to say Jordon could have chance to get back to his former baseball career at next year. Whether Jordon would accept this contract or not, the team which name is Slammers could make this news as their good opportunity to enhance their popularity.

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