13, January 2015: Andy says his journey began 5 years ago, but that 2014 had started off exactly the like the previous 4 years, a Caribbean cruise accompanied by around 400 entrepreneurs, authors and marketing people who also work in his industry. He added… “We had a great time, conference buddies, working and usually drinking far too much. It’s such a terrible way to start the new year, but anyway for the last 5 years I’ve been stuck on a huge boat, in a number of hot locations, with lots of drinks and a great deal of friends. By February we were going on a World Tour, teaching our Life Design Getaway seminars in New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Vancouver, Sydney, Singapore, and Dubai.”

Structured Thinking Process

According to Andy the entire idea of the trip was to produce a training course that could not be taught without him doing it live. He included… “The way I saw it was, that if I spoke around the globe multiple times, by the time I returned to the UK I’d be pretty good, and so could record that one, which we did and people just love it. Then following a remarkable series of events we were asked to put a proposal together to add Structured Thinking into a whole nation’s education system! It is presently in the early stages of development, though confirmation has actually just come through that next year my vision for their country will certainly be discussed in a key decision makers meeting, where I’ll get to personally describe our Structured Believing system to the leading individuals in that country.”

Andy says that words can not effectively explain exactly what benefits Structured Thinking can give individuals. He included… “Saying we are excited truly does not do this justice. Frankly we are still a little astonished at the ease with which this has all unfolded. I’m really looking forward to the day I can share the whole manifestation story with everybody. Since then however, we have also been asked by other countries, as well as a few big corporate businesses.”

Mr Shaw completed by saying… “All it takes for anybody is to follow this process to produce and most importantly maintain a bug free mind. I truly desire people to experience 2015 in the very best form possible and I know this Process for Structured Thinking will bring success. So if any individual would like 2015 to actually come up trumps, then I can seriously help out with that. If this does feel right for where you are in your own life today then I strongly advise you to trust in your intuition and begin with the process as quickly as possible. If you’ve heard enough and want to start with the process and discover how to structure your thinking in any and all areas of life, you simply need to visit my web site, and sign up to get going today.”

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