For those who have a plan to go to Indonesia for a holiday, you can just take pulau tidung as one of your holiday destinations. The location of this island is on Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta. Actually, this place is a great option for those who love to enjoy the beauty of beach. This island is divided into a big Tidung and a small Tidung. Those two islands are connected by a bridge and you can take a walk to enjoy the outstanding scenery there. Besides enjoying the scenery, there are also several interesting activities you can do there. Those are including snorkeling, riding a bicycle and enjoying the delicious taste of sea foods. It is a must for you to do snorkeling because this is the way for you to enjoy the fascinating underwater scenery. After enjoying the underwater scenery, you can also riding a bike to explore the nature of the island. The best part is about the eating sensation because you can eat delicious and tasty sea foods while enjoying the beauty of the island at night.

If you think that visiting Tidung can be an incredible holiday, it means you should find agen wisata pulau tidung right away to manage all you need to go there. In addition, this island is a perfect destination for a big family whereas it is also a romantic place for new married couples. What you need to know is that the agent is offering an affordable holiday package, comfort accommodation, and professional tour guide. If you want to visit a quite and peaceful place to reduce your stress tension, you can take Tidung as your primary holiday destination.

Your journey is started from Muara Angke by using ferry and you have to wait for about 2.5 hours before visiting the Tidung Island. Then, you can enjoy the sensation of walking around the bridge which is known as the Bridge of Love. The most interesting part is that you can just jump down from the bridge. If you go to this island with your friends, family and colleagues, you can use this opportunity to get intimate by playing football, volley beach, canoe, and banana boat. For your reference, you can just find the complete information about wisata pulau tidung by visiting TravelPulauTidung.Net. Just find out the information about the package and the price so you can prepare everything well before starting the exploration. In the end, it will be your most unforgettable holiday and it seems you will visit this island again one day.

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