The Blue Goddess has recently launched “Good Will Towards Man” designer jewelry, which will be exclusively available in the new Christmas collection.

The Blue Goddess is an online handmade jewelry designer. After generating considerable attention with its real butterfly wing jewelry, the website has now introduced a new Christmas collection which will exclusively feature “Good Will Towards Man” designer jewelry.

This new Christmas collection consists of a variety of handmade jewelry pieces such as Golden Leaf Dragonfly necklaces, Butterfly Wing earrings, and Real Butterfly hairpins, all of which are available at affordable rates. This is also the first collection on the Blue Goddess to feature the Golden Leaf Sleek Dragonfly and real Butterfly magnets.

The most fascinating thing about the Blue Goddess’ jewelry items is that they are all handcrafted using real butterflies that die naturally on farms as part of a conservation program to save virgin acres of rainforest and threatened butterfly populations. The jewelry store is run by Lisa, who is a specialist when it comes to handmade real butterfly jewelry. According to Lisa, “My jewelry is intended to preserve real butterflies in their natural existence allowing people to get in touch with nature without guilt.”

Speaking about the new Christmas collection, Lisa said, “I'm calling the collection ‘Good Will Towards Man’ because I want to focus on the true meaning of Christmas, which is loving one another and taking care of each other.” She also added, “I want to further accentuate this feeling by helping the people realize that we should not only look after each other but our planet Earth as well.”

The Blue Goddess’ new Christmas collection can be viewed here(

About The Blue Goddess
The Blue Goddess is an online source for handmade jewelry pieces. The store is run by Lisa, who is a specialist of handmade real butterfly wing jewelry.


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