With 45% of singles online dating considering the profile photo and the photo gallery as the most important aspects when searching for a date, you cannot afford to publish uninspired photos! Therefore, no matter if you are just making your début or if you have quite a history on an online dating site, you need to consider the following aspects.


Photos play such a major role because people tend to attribute a great importance to physical features. Some people are exclusively interested in the way that their partner looks; others want both some brain and look, while only a few of them are willing to sacrifice beauty for an interesting and smart personality. Without judging preferences, we have to stress the obvious: your photos should show the best version of you.


Before you get scared that you are not a charismatic or photogenic person, bear in mind that photos are essential not just because they give clues about the way you look, but also because they show how you really are! We live in a world where everyone has the possibility to make photos and each of one has at least a few tens. When we surf through them, we naturally pick the most successful snapshots. After you have selected a few, look at them and see what kind of photos you have.


Are you alone or with friends in the majority of them? Are you involved in an interesting activity or you are just sitting and staring at the camera? Do you look happy or rather frown? The photos are taken by someone else or by yourself? All these can indicate that you are very sociable and active or that you are shy and that you avoid group activities. Some photos may even support things you have said in your description or, on the contrary, contradict them.


Because we have made the connection with the about me section, we need to specify that these two must go hand in hand. Whatever statements you use in order to describe yourself, you should be capable to reflect them with your photos. Opting for close up frames with naked body parts, showing yourself drunk at parties, or dancing on tables may not necessarily make you the kind of publicity you are looking for.


When choosing your photos for the online dating site, try not to think what other singles online dating would want to see, but rather what you want to show the world about yourself! Be yourself, no matter how you are, and you will find someone like you. Photos are a great way to catch attention and no matter your personality, your strengths and faults, there must be at least two or three frames to show the best of you and generate interest!


If you are not sure what photo to pick for the profile, you can make experiments by switching them weekly and analysing what kind of photos will bring you most interactions on the platform. Aside from this rotation, that keeps interest alive, do not forget to add new photos to the gallery every now and then. You do not want to have photos with you from a few years ago!

Hundreds of singles online dating are waiting for you on our online dating site. Have you chosen your profile photo yet?