Jamaicans have a reason to cheer as now they can search the best local jobs in Jamaica just by visiting the online portal, www.onlinejobsforjamaicans.com, where the main focus is to help Jamaicans find jobs, both online or locally.

Online Jobs for Jamaicans proudly boasts their ‘Make Money Online Learning Platform’ where they teach their members how to make money online through internet marketing and freelancing, but now the company has decided to add something new to the table, Local Jobs Listings. “We initially started the Online Jobs for Jamaicans platform as a membership site, where we teach members how to make money online. However, we have recognized the need for job opportunities in Jamaica and as such we wanted to expand our horizon and transform our platform into one that will help Jamaicans find job opportunities both online and offline. And one of the best ways to do that is add a local job listings feature to our existing onlinejobsforjamaicans.com website,” says Chav Chambers, founder of Online Jobs for Jamaicans.

The Local column includes Local Job opportunities sourced from multiple legitimate job sources in Jamaica. These local job opportunities include various skills sets and applies to different parishes. The search bar on the Online Jobs for Jamaicans Platform is also a great tool to search the portal for local jobs according to location, types or jobs and other parameters.

The Local Job listing feature is completely free, however the ‘Learn how to make money online’ platform, is a paid membership feature. “Our ultimate goal is to become the number one job source for Jamaicans where they can not only get access to online job opportunities but also local job opportunities in Jamaica,” says Chambers.

About Online Jobs for Jamaicans
Online Jobs for Jamaicans is a web portal which was started with the aim of teaching members via video tutorials how to make money online. The company has earned great reverence from internet users because of the profound revelation they get regarding everything they need to know about Online Jobs. Recently, Online Jobs for Jamaicans have added a Local listing column in order to inform Jamaicans about the latest local job openings.

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