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Camillus, New York, USA: Quit My Eating Disorder is an online publication that provides detailed information, advice, tips, and treatment options for people with eating disorders. The website is created to help individuals who have eating disorders like bulimia nervosa, anorexia, binge eating and other eating disorder find resources and guidance that can help them overcome their situation. The site is filled with articles that provide detailed information based on research, and others that teach readers about the causes, solution and treatment options available. Discover exclusive information on eating disorder at

"Most times people don’t know they have an eating disorder. They think what they are doing is normal, probably because they can see other people around them do the same thing. Our mission is to use the website to bring awareness about eating disorders, the causes, the triggers, solutions, and treatment. We want people to be able to find a simple, cost efficient and comprehensive treatment for their eating disorder," said Laura Argento, CEO.

Quit My Eating Disorder is a highly informative website where people can find quality and well research articles and other documents about their eating disorders. Readers can find comprehensive information on causes of Binge eating, the features of the disorder and the best ways to cope. There is also information on the danger of male anorexia, and the best treatment for anorexia patients. Readers will also find detailed articles where they can learn about Bulimia Nervosa, dangerous health effects of Bulimia weight loss and treatment options available.

"After discovering QMED my life never remained the same. I found very helpful information, including the ones that corrected my previous misinformation. The advice here is inspiring, and the details make it simple to locate the cause of your problem and the solution. This platform is going to change many lives for sure," said Rebecca S, a fan.

The website also provides detailed information on the understanding of different treatments for eating disorders. They also offer guidance on the types of treatment centers, choosing the right medical care and finding the right treatment/rehabilitation center.

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