Ed Opperman host of The Opperman Report and the Opperman Report family of producers, sponsors and affiliated station owners would like to sincerely apologize to our Friday night guest, our listeners, supporters, family and friends.

It is with great sadness that I must announce a policy change regarding the Friday evening live broadcasts of the Opperman Report. After one year on the air with freedomslips.com we must drop that network from our line up of stations that simulcast the Friday evening live broadcast of The Opperman Report.

It has come to my attention that after the first portion of our Friday evening broadcast , my  interview  of a world renowned civil rights attorney and political  activist. The station owner of Revolution Radio took to the airways in an incoherent, tirade laced with profanity, insults and vulgar comments.

I sincerely apologize that I ever allowed my show to be associated with such unprofessional behavior and I will never allow any of my content to ever be aired on that station again. The Opperman Report will continue it's Friday evening live broadcasts over WWW.CjMarsRadio.com, & www.365live.com , www.HeyzRadio.com and will be adding several other networks to the Live Friday Night broadcast.

Beginning Oct 11 2014 we will be adding a 3 hour Saturday evening broadcast to www.para-x.com/ 7 PM PST. We are also working to build up our own Spreaker.com Opperman Report channel our Opperman Report Youtube channel, iHeart and every other possible outlet to bring you the same quality of broadcasts we have struggled to deliver every week.

We hold no ill will or animosity to any station or station staff or leadership that we are leaving behind. We wish them peace. They are in our prayers. This Friday evening policy change will have no effect on the rebroadcasts of the Opperman Report throughout the week on www.Firehorseradio.com, shakeandwakeradio.com/ Blogtalkradio.Com , awakeradio.us, etc

It is the goal of the Opperman Report to bring you honest , professional, respectable content each and every week and we will only allow our broadcasts on stations that adhere to the same standards we hold ourselves. We hope this change is not too much of an inconvenience to our regular listeners.

Ed Opperman
Host Opperman Report
[email protected]