Guangzhou, China; 28, August 2015: ZWCAD Design, an innovative supplier of CAD solutions for the MCAD and AEC industries, today announced that Optimatic Solutions, a company specializing in design, engineering and consulting for the oil and gas industry, have selected ZWCAD+ 2014 to meet their demanding design requirements. The efficient tools and features that ZWCAD+ offers are able to speed up the company’s demanding design process, while the efficient memory management technology reduces lag and improves handling of large files, allowing Optimatic Solutions to become more competitive within their industry.

Established in 2005, Optimatic Solutions is a leading specialist in design, engineering and consulting for the Romanian oil and gas industry. Their main focus is the oil coating process in fields including pipeline, automations, electrical, civil and fire risk studies.

The Need

As a major participant in a growing industry, Optimatic Solutions must work hard to remain competitive. They decided that they required CAD features that would increase the speed of the design process, whilst retaining or improving the quality of the end result. Beyond this, due to the large sizes of their drawings and designs, they demanded software that was capable of operating large files without slowing down. This was required at minimal price due to the financial constraints that competitors were putting on the industry.

The Solution

Having researched the options thoroughly, Optimatic Solutions decided that ZWCAD+ 2014 was the optimal CAD software to fulfill their needs. The features that are included remove the need for duplicating work and make commands easier to use. Associative Dimensions, for example, synchronizes blocks with dimensions and annotations, meaning encee can change the size of any given block, without also having to change the associated dimension.

The impressive memory management technology is another reason that Optimatic Solutions chose ZWCAD+ 2014 as their CAD solution. Dragos Stefan, Mechanical Engineer at Optimatic Solutions, agreed that this technology “allows us to open and edit large drawings with memory usage reduced by 50%.” This improves software start-up speed, and allows other programs to run simultaneously without any negative consequences.

The cost-efficient price was the final factor that convinced Optimatic Solutions to commit to ZWCAD+ 2014. Dragos Stefan commented that “costs are much lower than other programs of this type, especially taking in to account its compatibility with other design software. This is one of the main reasons that made us opt for ZWCAD.”

The Service

ZWCAD Distribution SRL, the Romanian distributor of ZWCAD+ 2014, provided Optimatic Solutions with the information required to make an informed decision, as well as after sales support and advice. “The service and support provided by the ZWCAD+ local partner helped us to understand the benefits of this software and how we can increase productivity by working with ZWCAD+,” concluded Dragos Stefan.

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