(Free Press Release) Oqoon is a live interactive streaming platform that enables anyone with internet connection and camera to broadcast for a worldwide audience. Whether it's your talent, opinion, music, comedy: anything you can come up with, give it a try and enter the channel to broadcast! Make sure you grab the viewers' attention, since they have the ability to decide when it's time for the next one in line to bring it on.

It's quick and easy, you can join without registration. To take possession of your personal username, and give your performance an official identity, registration is required. This option automatically creates a profile to which your own recorded broadcasts will be linked.

Viewers decide when the broadcasters' time is up. When the majority of the viewers has outvoted the live broadcaster, the next one in line enters the channel. A viewer can always change ones mind by undoing the vote.

Of course there's always the option of ending your own live broadcast session. All recorded live broadcasts can be found in the history section, available to watch and rate at any time.

Mission and Vision

Oqoon strives to build an online stage with an ever growing audience, accessible to everyone around the globe, to express themselves in any imaginable way. A platform where people can measure themselves and share their ideas, talents and more, with an interested crowd. We believe everyone is able to inspire, and Oqoon provides a great way to make that happen.

Bring it on and enjoy!