Dr. Ali Sajjadian releases an educational infographic debunking the five most popular rhinoplasty myths.

Newport Beach, CA — June 10, 2016
Dr. Ali Sajjadian, triple board-certified plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, CA, has posted an educational infographic on his blog that explains five popular rhinoplasty myths and why they are not true. Dedicated to serving the plastic surgery community, this visual patient resource is just the latest of many that Dr. Sajjadian has worked on and released over the past years.

As a plastic surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty, Dr. Sajjadian felt compelled to debunk these myths in a creative, visually stimulating way for his patients. The infographic follows his practice’s brand in the color scheme and modern design while demonstrating his skill and expertise. The five myths included in the infographic are:

1.    The surgery is simple.
2.    Any plastic surgeon can perform the procedure.
3.    The recovery is painful.
4.    The results look obvious.
5.    You can have any nose you desire.

Along with concise explanations on the truth about each myth, Dr. Sajjadian employed fun graphics as well as Rhinoplasty before and after photos of his actual patients. Above all else, Dr. Sajjadian stresses the importance of finding a highly qualified plastic surgeon to perform rhinoplasty. He hopes that his infographic acts as a helpful tool for all online users researching the procedure regardless of which plastic surgeon they choose to work with.

Optimized to be easily accessed by anyone interested in learning more about rhinoplasty online, the Rhinoplasty Myths infographic can be found on Dr. Sajjadian’s blog.

About Dr. Ali Sajjadian

The practice of Dr. Sajjadian is well known for having helped countless number of patients achieve natural looking rhinoplasty, as well as revision and ethnic rhinoplasty results. Dr Sajjadian’s compassionate care, individualized planning as well as meticulous techniques have created beautiful and natural looking surgical results for countless patients. In addition, he specializes in and has particular interest and passion for cosmetic surgery of the face, breast and body. Using the most advanced techniques and artistic approaches, he has been able to create beautiful breast augmentation and body contouring results.

Dr Sajjadian has special interest and expertise in creating the most natural looking results and gets referrals from other surgeons for difficult and revision cases. He has contributed to the field of rhinoplasty by describing advanced techniques and giving many lectures nationally and internationally on the topic of rhinoplasty. He is currently the symposium chairman for advances in Rhinoplasty.

For more information about Dr. Ali Sajjadian or to schedule a consultation, please visit www.drsajjadian.com or call (949) 515-0550.

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