Do you often find yourself searching for your car keys through an entire pile of sketches and drawings made by your children? If you cannot part with your offspring’s works of art and all those papers contribute to the chaos in your hand bag, maybe you should think about custom jewelry made from child’s art.


You are probably used to classic jewelries, elegant bracelets and necklaces and simple cufflinks and tie pins. But why not try to be more original and wear child designed jewelry? Instead of choosing the same beautiful, but insignificant and common items that people usually wear on different occasions, you could stand out by wearing a necklace with a pendant designed by your own kid. We are not talking about those little trinkets that children make at craft classes and that, as cute as they might be, are not exactly appropriate for certain situations, but about custom jewelry manufactured by professionals, using your child’s drawings as the design for charms, pendants or rings. It is probably the best way in which you can be both elegant and original, and also wear something that is not only beautiful and valuable because it is made of a precious metal, but that has a special significance for you.


Experienced and dedicated jewelers are aware of the fact that people do not always want fancy and expensive necklaces, earrings and bracelets, but sometimes prefer something that has high sentimental value for them. And what could be more valuable from this point of view than a pendant, a ring, or a keychain designed by your own children? Jewels usually mean much more to someone if they have received it as a gift. But just imagine how impressed and happy your wife or your husband would be if you gave them as a present child designed jewelry. A brooch or some cufflinks made from some cute and funny sketches done by your son or daughter would make a wonderful gift for your spouse. You don’t even have to spend too much time looking for such a gift since you can easily find a professional studio that makes custom jewelry.


You can have many types of custom jewelry made after your favorite sketches drawn by your son or daughter. If your child has made a cute and funny drawing of “mom, dad and me”, it could be a great model for a family ring. All those kittens, puppies and bunnies kids love to draw are a great option if you want a pair of original and truly special cufflinks, tie accessories or lapel pins. Or what could be cuter than a silver bracelet with charms shaped as butterflies, birds and angels drawn by your five year old girl? A professional jeweler can manufacture such beautiful and significant items at your request. Whether you want child designed jewelry for yourself or whether you want to give such items as presents to your spouse, to the children’s grandparents or to other family members, you shouldn’t hesitate getting in touch with an experienced and dedicated jeweler.


Have you ever thought about wearing child designed jewelry ? If you want to be original and boast with your children’s creations, place your order for custom jewelry  made after your very own sketches now!