A new innovative product offering on Amazon.com is already receiving high praise from shoppers who have tried it. The product is the Orekan multi-function BPA free, double wall vacuum insulated hydration flask. This innovative water bottle is packed full of features that have consumers running to Amazon to write positive reviews as soon as they first try the mug.

The features of the Orekan mug are almost too numerous to describe and consumers have been overwhelmed by the versatile mug. In addition to begin BPA free , the mug is also completely spill and leak proof since it features two distinct caps. The mug also guarantees to keep liquids either hot or cold for 24 hours and that’s because the mug features double wall vacuum insulation. Consumers are also impressed with the enlarged rim that allows for easy insertion of ice blocks.

Customers who have reviewed the mug are focusing on the size and versatility of the mug. One reviewer commenting on the size of the mug said, “This should keep you well hydrated for maybe half a marathon or thereabouts.” Other have been impressed by the ability of the mug to keep liquid either hot or cold, with one reviewer saying, “I was impressed at how well the thermos insulated hot water. I started with 203.9 degree water in the thermos and closed the cap. After an hour the measured temperature was 188.4 degrees. After 6 hours, the temperature of the water was 150.3 degrees. I consider that to be excellent and you will get similar results with cold water.”

The Orekan multi-purpose mug is currently available on Amazon.com and is consistently stocked and ready to ship. The mug holds 27 ounces and weighs only 1.4 pounds.

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