Recently engaged but don’t know how to start planning your wedding? All the patterns, venues, and food options can get overwhelming. However, recent technological developments help brides organize their choices and ideas in one place by using a wedding party app. By downloading an app and storing your wedding dreams in one spot, you’ll be able to choose the Atlanta wedding venues of your dreams!


One of the first major decisions a bride makes is to select a wedding party venue for the reception. A great feature of wedding apps is its list of ranked venues in various areas of the country. For example, if you live in Georgia, you’ll be able to look up the top Atlanta wedding venues and research each location with one click of a button. That way you will be able to rank your top 3-4 locations to see in person, instead of taking endless tours of dozens of Atlanta wedding venues that you weren’t very interested in the first place. The app will save you time and money!


Another feature of a wedding party app is the ability to keep track of all your vendors in one place. Once you begin to select your venue, catering service, and photographer, all of the different deposit dates and communications quickly multiply. Without proper organization, you could easily forget an important payment due date for your coordinator or meeting with your band. However, the app can send you reminders and work with your calendar so you can keep up with all of your appointments!


The app doesn’t just keep track of your meetings. You can also update your RSVP lists for engagement parties, bridal showers, and the big event itself with the app. Additionally, you can arrange and rearrange those seating charts until everyone is seated with friends or family, and you can avoid any awkward family dramas. Lastly, you can also keep track of your budget. Instead of estimating your expenditures in each category, wedding apps like iWed Planner will mark each dollar spent in every category, so you know exactly how much money you have left to use.


Your wedding day will no longer be a cause of stress, but instead an event to celebrate with the proper planning! Wedding party arrangement can get such easy with these applications. Technology has blessed us in various ways, and this is yet another prominent way that technology has got improved immensely. Using these applications is simple. All you need is installing them and running them as per the screen instructions. With this sort of app, you will wonder why you need a wedding planner for.  The app will help you plan your big event from any place any time. It is the most brilliant and economical way to manage your wedding day. As it puts your to-do-list, guest list, suppliers list and budget plan in one place, it simplifies an otherwise tough job.


We know you want your wedding day to be picture-perfect. Wedding party app like iWed Planner make your big day easy to plan! Check out their Atlanta wedding venues, seating chart suggestions, and vendor tracker to finish planning your wedding in no time.