Original Watermen takes pride in putting the best of its lifeguard gear into its summer catalog that is mailed all over the country to lifeguard agencies. This year, Original Watermen has surpassed its own quality standards by choosing to match SolRx Sunscreen products with its gear.

Original Watermen is proud of its tradition of quality. In fact, in order to be included in its annual summer lifeguard catalog, a product must match the expected performance of all Original Watermen gear. When Original Watermen auditioned 15 different brands of sunscreen in order to choose one to market exclusively to lifeguard agencies throughout the United States, the company was looking for exceptional performance. SolRx not only met but exceeded these standards and earned its place in the Original Watermen product lineup.

SolRx is the only sunscreen that is guaranteed to last eight hours after a single application. According to Leif Madron, Brand Coordinator for Original Watermen "This is really an amazing breakthough in the sunscreen industry." SolRX developed its WaterBlock® water resistance system in 1991 and asked AMA Testing Labs to create a test that would measure the product’s performance. SolRx specified that the test must be “tougher than that of the FDA or any other governmental agency in the world." The test was intended to measure not only the general SPF of the product but its rating after eight hours in the water.

The results of the immersion test were astounding. The SPF 30 product was tested under laboratory conditions and shown to retain an SPF rating of 35.83 after eight consecutive hours of water immersion. The test was repeated as the product was upgraded and improved, but the results have consistently shown high SPF factors after eight hours in the water. In fact, the test designed for SolRx, renamed the "6-Hour Immersion Test," due to FDA requirements, became the industry standard for testing SPF products. For more information on the testing protocols and results, see www.solrx.com

Original Watermen, located on the web at www.originalwatermen.com is proud to carry SolRx as part of its quality product inventory.

For more information, see http://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00084168-boardshorts-lifeguard-gear.html

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Original Watermen, created by Ken Miller, provides quality surf and swim gear for more than 2,000 lifeguard agencies nationwide. Original Watermen's motto, "Earn Your Salt," not only refers to the surf and lifeguard lifestyle but to the high quality standards the company sets for each of its products.

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