A new personal injury law firm will be coming soon to the city of Orillia. The law firm will expand the options that Orillia accident victims have when seeking legal counsel. They offer a variety of practice areas as well as payment plans to make their services more affordable to the community. The new personal injury firm also plans to fully launch their website soon which will give Orillia locals better access to details information about the firm, their mission, and their services. Curious citizens will be able to find out more information about the firm’s practice areas, prices, and how to get in touch when the website is fully unveiled. In the meantime, the firm has announced its six areas of practice.

New Firm’s Personal Injury Services

The newest personal injury lawyer Orillia will offer a variety of practice areas in order to provide legal aid to numerous accident victims in the area. Their practices will include car accidents, bicycle accidents, animal attacks, slip and fall accidents, workers’ compensation claims, and wrongful death. Accident victims and their immediate family will be able to get in touch with the firm and get a consultation to discuss what action they can take with their case. The new law firm will offer free case evaluations to encourage accident victims who are unsure about the validity of their claim to get legal counsel. They will also offer a payment system for clients who will have a hard time affording up-front legal fees, relying on a system where clients pay legal fees after the firms wins their case instead of preemptively paying. Interested Orillia citizens can visit the future website for full descriptions of each practice area and for information about the firm, the staff, and what they stand for. Details about the firm’s payment policies will also be available online.

More details- http://www.personalinjurylawyerorillia.ca/.

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