Conventional braces made of wires and brackets don’t match the lifestyle of teenagers who find these orthodontic devices invasive. Texas-based orthodontic clinic Smiles By Lyles offer Invisalign teen system as the solution and admits its growing popularity.

Spring, Texas (August 28, 2015) — Crooked teeth are the barrier to beautiful smiles and confidence and they may also act as precursor to periodontal risks. Metal wires offer to correct them, but not without causing awkward appearance and other undesired outcomes. Teenagers in particular find them embarrassing to wear and a big compromise with social lifestyle.

Dr. Lyles from Smiles By Lyles accepts that many young patients visiting their office in Texas have apprehensions regarding traditional braces. However, the clinic offers them the perfect alternative in the form of invisible teen braces(, popular as Invisalign. The orthodontic clinic he owns in Texas attracts a number of teenaged patients who now find a better solution for teeth alignment.

“Invisalign aligners were introduced to address numerous drawbacks of metal braces. Apart from being virtually invisible, these devices facilitate easy cleaning and promises patients the liberty to east anything. On the other hand, braces supported with wires and brackets imposed many a restriction in this direction. Our orthodontic facility was among the first few to offer Invisalign teen and adult solutions in the region. We have successfully helped hundreds of clients to smile back confidently,” says Dr. Lyles.

Smiles By Lyles follows a carefully planned teeth alignment procedure using Invisalign. The patients are screened on the basis of their teeth condition to decide whether they are eligible for these devices or not. The team of experts adheres to the customized approach and use custom-made aligners for every patient. The overall treatment is done in stages in which the patients receive new aligners every 2 weeks to achieve the correct positioning and alignment.

Talking about the patients’ response, Dr. Lyles reveals, “The response has been tremendous as these transparent braces for teens( don’t interfere with the routines of our clients. Most of them don’t even feel they are undergoing an orthodontic treatment. Invisalign aligners are easy to remove while eating, drinking and cleaning the teeth. Moreover, they are extremely durable and hard to get spotted.”

When asked who the right candidates for this treatment are, he says, “Invisalign is great for those with moderately crooked teeth, but not for the highly misaligned ones. Overbites and underbites too require other orthodontic procedures. Rest it would depend on the actually examination of the teeth condition.” Smiles By Lyles offer other treatments like Damon System, Insignia and Acceledent. For details about each one of them, visit

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For more than 3 decades, Smiles By Lyles is a leading orthodontic clinic in Texas. The owner, Dr. Jim Lyles, has served as the president of the Houston Regional Society of Orthodontists and has many achievements to his credit. The clinic utilizes the latest in dental practices and technology to offer smile makeover to the patients from different age groups.

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