Each year in Oshawa, the mercury plunges when winter arrives. With average daily temperatures below freezing for most of winter and a healthy dose of snowfall, icy conditions can dominate the city for several months. Residents and businesses are responsible for clearing the walks in front of their property of ice and snow. Compliance, however, is not always guaranteed. Slip and fall injuries caused by winter conditions go up every year in Oshawa, and some of those falls can be quite severe. When someone else is negligent in maintenance of their property, they should be held accountable for it.

Many who suffer fall injuries are not able to pursue legal action even when someone else may have been at fault. Access to quality legal aid is hard to come by for those without the means. Residents of Oshawa can now look forward to the opening of a new personal injury lawyer Oshawa that aims to meet their needs and exceed expectations. When the laws have not been followed and an injury has resulted, individuals will now be able to seek out justice under the law. A simple slip and fall shouldn't be the kind of thing that brings about personal financial turmoil or a decrease in quality of life.

This new personal injury firm in Oshawa aims to be a champion of the individual who might otherwise not have access to legal services. Welcoming even those of modest means, the firm's other branches in Canada have had great success at trial practicing personal injury law. A strict no victory, no fee approach is taken. The partners of the firm each believe that their individual experience in the court system gives them a unique position from which to help the people of Oshawa when they are hurt. The firm will be reachable both by phone and on the web as well.

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