Victoria, Canada, October 9, 2013 — People worldwide are getting attracted towards alternative therapies, as such therapies offer minimal risks of side-effects and cure diseases by boosting their immune system natyrally. Among several types of ancient therapeutic practices, acupuncture has earned a lot of recognition recently, for curing several types of diseases in a natural and efficient manner. With the growing popularity of acupuncture, it’s creating a demand for the acupuncture specialists worldwide. Now, Oshio Acupuncture College in Victoria, Canada has introduced a 3-years acupuncture program that will train students to become accomplished acupuncture therapists. 

The College focuses on creating a new breed of acupuncture specialists who can help revive this age-old treatment technique that has been vanishing very fast. Besides, the students passing out from the college will become a licensed practitioner and can manage their own business of running an acupuncture therapy center. The training program consists of 1980 hours of training that focuses on providing the key skills of this specialized alternative therapy which also stresses upon raising the employability of the candidates. 

The training course is a preparatory program that helps students to gain knowledge and skills necessary for passing the license exams and get the green signal for their professional practice. According to a faculty member of the College, “We always focus on imparting practical trainings that help students in their professional lives. Our aim is to help them learn the skills that they can use to serve the mankind.” 

Oshio Acupuncture College in Victoria offers a variety of courses in alternative medicines and ancient Chinese therapies. They accept that the awareness around acupuncture treatment therapy is growing steadily and more and more students are now enrolling in this training program. The College is happy about this growing trend which signifies that this ancient and established ways of treatment method will remain alive, and the mankind will keep receiving its key benefits. 

Anyone willing to learn more about their 3-years acupuncture program or interested to enroll in it can visit the website . 

About Oshio College of Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine 

Oshio College was established in Victoria, BC, Canada in 1999. The College is Victoria’s oldest and most well established College offering courses in Traditional Chinese Medicine and alternative therapies such as acupuncture. Oshio College has been accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA) since November, 2001. The College enjoys the status of an “eligible Institution” under the Canada Student Loans Act. 

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