01 August, 2014: Ospox, a Bangalore startup company has launched a solution Ospox School Bus Tracking for protecting school children during transit. The company is focusing on the innovative and tech solutions that they can use in the education sector to let parents track down their children’s journey to school and back home.


Currently, there is an alarming rate of accidents involving school buses and it is only showing strong evidence that schools in India are lacking the proper measures in preventing these things from happening. There are various reasons on why these accidents happened. It could be due to the carelessness of either the driver or the school authorities, but the real reason is still unaddressed. 

Despite of all the excuses and accusations that are disheartening parents, this Bangalore based company came up with an innovative solution that can help in dealing with such issues that are haunting parents whenever they child in on their way to school with the help of GPS and RFID. 

The Ospox School Bus Tracking is an innovative cloud based application that is allowing schools to maintain a tab on their school buses throughout the route they are taking with a user id and password via the internet. The use of the software will give parents the ease of finding out whether their kids have reached the school safely with the help of RFID attendance. Drivers no longer have to text or call students individually during pick up as the software comes with an automated geo fence alert that makes the process of picking up easier than how it used to be. Also, in the case of an accident the admin or transport manager can access all the data with a click, like name, contact blood group address or any other medical condition pertaining to the route and have it mailed directly to the closest hospital for emergency procedures. 

The solution has an option for bus camera with which parents and school authorities no longer have to think about how secure their child is throughout their journey. 

Aside from the mentioned features, the software also includes an interactive dashboard where valuable reports can be generated driver habits, speed and the student’s attendance. 

Ospox is a startup company whose CEO is Mr. Kiran Kaushik. A young entrepreneur, also the founder of Traxoid automations focusing mainly in innovative and cloud based applications. 

Rajashekaran: a parent of a seven year old says, “The software is really useful and keeps me calm and confident that my child will arrive to her school safely.” 

According to Mr. Kiran Kaushik, CEO of the company, “The schools are now showing good interest for the safety concerns of the children. We are also in talks in working with Mumbai and Bangalore RTO by recommending them to implement a centralized single platform application where even the government can monitor and identify rogue drivers with the help of reports generated in real time by our application. Furthermore, our platform is flexible and can receive data from most of the leading tracking hardware.” 

For more information about the company, visit their site at www.ospox.com. Those who want to know more about the software being offered, feel free to browse through http://www.ospox.com/Schoolbustracking.html

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